MARGA Handicaps

Purpose of a Handicap

A golf handicap is a means of allowing players of different abilities to compete with each other on an equal basis.  The most commonly used is the USGA handicap and, with modifications deemed better suited to MARGA, MARGA uses that system.

Calculation and Handicap Types

The MARGA handicap system calculates two types of numbers, a handicap index and one or more course handicaps.  The course handicap is the handicap index modified to reflect the course and tees you are playing.  The handicap index is derived from a handicap differential calculated for each round you play.  These are derived from your gross score, i.e., the score you posted for that round, the course rating and the slope rating.  All golf scores from official MARGA events are considered.

So, your course handicap will vary depending on which MARGA league, outing or tournament you play in as the gold tees have different slope ratings at the different courses our 7 leagues play at and courses where outings are held have different slope ratings as well. Your handicap index can be used to create a course handicap for you at outings or tournaments even though you are playing with members who might not be in the same league(s) as you.

For an actual example of how our handicap software calculates a handicap index, with scores that include the 2015 season, click here.

A detailed explanation of the calculation of your specific handicap is available. Send an email to Steve Lesgold (email address available from your league secretary if you don't have it) to request one.

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