Monona Tuesday

(L to R) Monona Tuesday League Scheduler Steve Adler presents MARGA certificates to Ron Oates (# 9), and Mark Miller (# 4), recognizing their Hole in Ones on June 24, 2014

John Pyle chips to hole # 2 at Monona

Monona Tuesday League Secreatary Jim Brickson (L) and Mike Jeffers discuss their upcoming round

(L to R) George Cicci, Mark Miller, and Lyle Schroeder prepare to tee off at Monona # 1

Rod Clark tees off at Monona # 1

Jim Brickson plays out of a Monona # 2 sand trap as Dean Frederickson looks on

Mark Miller (L), and Rod Clark make their way down a Monona fairway

Lyle Schroeder tees off at Monona

Bill Egstad chips to hole # 5 at Monona

(L to R) Bill Egstad and Mike Jeffers watch the putt of Roger Fritz at Monona

Tom Grannis tees off at Monona # 3

Tom Grannis watches the putt of Dean Frederickson at Monona

Mel McCartney (L) and Dan MacDonald enjoy a MARGA round of golf at Monona