Yahara Friday

(L to R) Dave Crockett, Arnie Gerber, and Tim Thibedeau check out the MARGA bulletin board prior to their Friday round at Yahara

Wayne Fergusson chips at the Yahara practice green

Doug Smieja uses the long putter at Yahara

MARGA Vice President Larry Witt (L) and Yahara Friday League Secretary Ron Cook discuss the start of their round

Doug Smieja tees off at Yahara

Lloyd Bostian pitches for the green at Yahara

League scheduler Larry Chatman (L), heads down the fairway with Larry Tranberg

Roger Richards pitches on to the No. 1 green

Association Golf Outing Committee Chairman Bill Grabel rolls his putt

Mac McCormick tees off as Mike Ely, and George Stang (L), help watch the ball